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EVOO 101

When it comes to Olive Oil, fresher is better. Olive Oil is similar to fruit juice—highly perishable and more healthy and flavorful when consumed fresh.

Simply Divine Oil & Wine features the largest, freshest selection of single varietal extra virgin olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars on tap. Family owned & operated, we have had a presence in the olive oil oil industry for the past 90 years. We work in close partnership with farmers in both hemispheres to deliver fresh, high quality products to our customers all year long. We personally source all of our products and never deal with middlemen.

Our independent sourcing and our bulk purchasing enables us to offer these world class items at extremely reasonable prices. We are proud to say that we produce many of our own olive oils & consistently feature, a host of award winning, Ultra Premium Extra Virgin olive oils.

We strongly believe that extra virgin olive oil is like fruit juice: highly perishable, healthier and more flavorful when consumed fresh. This is one of the reasons why we post the Harvest Date on every oil we offer.

In addition to the harvest date, we are extremely fanatical when it comes to the “chemistry ” of our olive oils. The chemistry of a particular oil can tell you many things. By testing an oil, we can learn the polyphenol count (antioxidant value), the measurement which dictates flavor intensity, to whether it’s suitable for high heat cooking, based on its unique free fatty acid measurement and fruit condition. We also measure oleic acid in our oils, the monounsaturated fat in Olive Oil that makes it so healthy.

With over 60 unique products on tap, we are confident that we can assist you in selecting an oil or vinegar that best fits your needs.

We invite you to come in and taste the difference!

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