Our Story

Greenville, North Carolina became our home in 2007 when I relocated to raise my four boys in the tight-knit community. During our time in Greenville, I’ve had many roles ranging from ECU audiology clinical supervisor, to Little League coach, school volunteer, and stay at home mom. Being a part of bettering the community has always been important to me; I’ve actively participated as a board member for local schools and volunteer with the Service League and Horizons at The Oakwood School. Before starting Simply Divine Oil & Wine, I had never imagined running my own business. That all changed in 2014 when I visited Italy, cycling the Tuscan countryside. While in Tuscany, we had the opportunity to visit an olive farm and try authentic, fresh crushed, extra virgin olive oil for the first time. The gentleman who owned the farm and his family prepared us an amazing meal born of the fruits of their labor. Inspired by this trip, we set our focus on healthy eating and exercise. Discovering 692 Olive in the height of our passion for the finer things- olive oils, balsamic, and a perfectly paired bottle of wine- started what would become Simply Divine Oil & Wine. When the previous owner announced she would be relocating to Florida, I felt compelled to continue sharing high quality oils and balsamics with the community that we love being a part of. Now featuring our wine bar, we are proud to not only serve you the purest oils on the market, but to do so with a glass of Cabernet in-hand. This journey into a better lifestyle has been five years in the making for me, come in to Simply Divine Oil & Wine and let's start yours today!