What Are Ultra Premium Olive Oils?

Ultra Premium Olive Oil – The Highest Quality Standard

Quality leader on the olive oil market.

Tested by the most credentialed olive oil lab in the world – voted #1 in accuracy and proficiency by AOCS (American Oil Chemists Society), the most prestigious oil society in the world.

  • Certified as Ultra Premium 14 months from the time of crush, representing the strictest “best if used by date” in the industry
  • Certified to have no less than 130 PPM Phenolic (Antioxidant) content at time of crush as measured by the most accurate testing method in the world
  • Highest chemical standard in the world which includes DAGs and PPP – Most advanced testing methods in use which ensure freshness and authenticity
  • Highest sensory standard in the world as evaluated by an independent (third party) taste panel
  • Ultra traceability from tree to bottle including country of origin, crush date and chemical analysis as measured at the time of crush